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ACR Phantom Holders

West Physics provides products to assist MRI technologists with the weekly ACR MRI quality control testing at ACR-accredited MRI facilities. These “phantom holders” allow the quick and accurate placement of the ACR phantom in your MRI unit. They ensure that the testing geometry is both reproducible and optimal for the testing.

ACR Phantom HolderAs compared to the traditional method of using foam pads or paper to position the phantom (which frequently requires several scans to get it just right!), the holders save roughly 30 minutes or more per week in positioning. That’s 26 hours every year in wasted time, wasted payroll, and reduced patient scan volume and billing! That’s like losing three entire work-days!

Some Key features of our ACR Phantom Holders:
  • Made of an MRI-invisible high-impact, light-weight polymer – machined to exact specifications.
  • Positions your ACR phantom at isocenter in exactly the same position in the magnet every time, eliminating the frustration of ACR phantom positioning.
  • Eliminates the need for repeated leveling, adjustment, and rescanning.
  • Increases the accuracy and reproducibility of your QC testing.
  • Designed to fit each MRI unit type EXACTLY. Just put the phantom in the holder, place the holder in the head coil, and scan away. You won’t even need to do a 3-plane localizer. Just go straight to your sagittal scan.
  • If you have multiple MRI units of the same manufacturer/design, you only need one holder.

We offer phantom holders for practically every make and model of MRI unit in existence – including GE, Hitachi, Siemens, Philips, Picker, and Marconi scanners. Please contact us today for the latest availability and pricing information!